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The Guidry Group's security division is comprised of experienced professionals with real-world operational experience in some of the world's most challenging environments. Our thirty plus years of operations in 148 countries and an unparalleled team of security professionals ensures that our clients and their assets are safe globally. Below is a list of security services that can be implemented individually or integrated into a complete security solution. 

Protective Services

Family Office

Family Office Solutions

The Guidry Group has over 20 years experience providing security for family offices throughout the Americas. A majority of these clients didn't initially want security for fear that it would disrupt their daily lives, and now do not know how they lived without it. To address our clients concerns we created a service called "Guidry Black," a white-glove turn-key service for family offices that manages all aspects of security; cyber, communications, physical, and electronic. This service provides our family office clients with the ultimate peace of mind for complete security, without disrupting their day-to-day lives. Contact us for a full assessment and to learn more about how we can provide total security without overt, intrusive security.

Executive Protection

We specialize in providing discreet, white-glove executive protection for our ultra high net worth clients. Our executive protection specialists understand the highly sensitive nature of working with clients who expect only the best. Each of our executive protection specialists is hand-picked, and vetted directly by our Director of Operations, ensuring that only the most polished and capable of our team is deployed to represent not only the Guidry Group, but also our clients as they travel and work.

High Threat Protection

Guidry Group leverages its relationships in 148 countries and a pool of highly-trained of former U.S. Special Operations to provide protective security operations for clients in challenging and often dangerous locations globally. Unless supporting a Diplomatic Delegation, Guidry Group will typically deploy a highly capable team of security professionals to provide “low-profile” security for our clients working in semi to non-permissive environments. The team assigned to our clients will have real-world and recent operational experience in the regions they are working and will often speak the local language.

Installation and Facility Security

When securing installations, offices, or facilities the Guidry Group employs the integrated installation defense doctrine. This forward looking technique is currently used by the U.S. Government at Department of Defense and Department of State locations globally and can be scaled down, permitting the Guidry Group to discreetly provide white-glove security services to our ultra high net worth clients. This doctrine utilizes the following assets to best protect our clients facilities:

  • Concentric Rings of Security “Defense-in-Depth” with Quick Reaction Force (QRF)

  • Local Military and Police Coordinations and Direct Support

  • Technology and Electronic Security Integration

  • Intelligence Gathering

Executive Protection
High Threat Protection

Technology and Systems Integration

Working with a partner company specializing in electronic hardware systems, Guidry provides clients with a fully-integrated electronic security solution that can monitored 24-hours a day from anywhere in the world. Our seamless integration of hardware and software solutions will provide the highest level of security possible, giving our clients full-control of their lives. Our systems bring together the world’s best technologies combining cameras/thermal, active/passive sensor systems, biometrics, and unmanned systems technologies (air, land, sea), and can be remotely monitored by Guidry’s Operations Center. Contact us today for a full assessment.



We offer high-quality training for private and government clients, utilizing a staff of tenured instructors from U.S. Special Operations and the Intelligence Community. Our courses and training programs are customized to our clients needs and are typically delivered by a mobile training team (MTT) at a location of our clients choosing. 

Background Checks

Investigative Services and Background Checks

Investigative Services

The Guidry Group provides a wide-range of investigative and intelligence services for family offices and businesses. Given the highly sensitive nature of many of these services, we take extreme care in assessing the legitimacy of potential clients and a formal process of due diligence is put in place before any services are offered. Please contact us for additional information.


Background Checks

We deliver high-quality, comprehensive background investigations to private and commercial clients. Please email for more information.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Working with our partner company HALO Privacy, we provide a full-suite of cyber security services, protecting our clients from cyber attacks, electronic theft, and family/corporate extortion. Our services include:

  • Penetration Testing, and Cyber-Security Assessment

  • Electronic Listening Device Discovery

  • Secure Communications

  • Secure Private Storage Solutions

  • Private VPN's

  • Training - Cyber Security Best Practices (Social Media, Office, and Mobile Devices)

Additional Security Services

We offer discreet and bespoke services for many of our clients. Please contact us at the link below if you didn't find the information you were looking for. We look forward to discussing your unique situation and working towards a solution for you or your organization.

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