With over 30 years of recognized industry experience, the Guidry Group provides FCRA compliant background checks and employment screening services for the entertainment industry, Family Offices, ultra high-net-worth clients, U.S. Government organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. Additional services include 1-9 Eligibility Verification, Employee Drug Testing, Social Media Searches, and International Checks. 



Identity Checks

The Guidry Group uses a knowledge based authentication process for online identity verification. This is the process of authenticating an individual based on knowledge of personal information that is gathered from credit and non-credit related information.

Criminal Records

The Guidry Group searches criminal records from participating jurisdictions, administrative office of courts records, department of corrections, superior court index of felonies and misdemeanors and traffic court records, and sex offender records.

Federal Criminal Search

Federal criminal record searches can show criminal court file information, accessed via one or more of the 94 U.S. federal district courthouses located throughout the nation. Federal criminal record searches are conducted at the specific U.S. district court covering the region where an applicant has resided.

Statewide Criminal Search

Comprehensive search of statewide criminal records. Results may include felonies, misdemeanors and traffic violations. Due to legal restrictions, some states do not allow repositories to disseminate criminal record data. States that do permit dissemination may require fingerprint cards or a special state authorization form, which may have to be notarized.

County Criminal Court Search

A county level court search is often the most accurate, and up-to-date criminal search available. Records are manually and electronically researched at selected County Court(s) for criminal convictions including felony and misdemeanor offenses.

Driving Records

Verify an applicant's driver's license number and status. Get a detailed driving history of violations, accidents, suspensions and other information as available.

Verification Services

The Guidry Group can verify an applicant's current and / or prior employer information, including: title held, dates of employment, salary, reason for leaving, and other information as provided by the applicant and / or employer. 

Professional License Check

Verify professional license numbers and certifications as required by industry. Records may include: issuing date, registration status, current standing, applicable sanctions, expiration date, and other information as available. License types include: CPA, medical license, teaching credentials, and more.

Drug Screening

Ensure your candidates are drug-free. Mandatory substance tests increase your organization’s accountability and reduce the risk of accidents. They are the cornerstone to maintaining a drug-free environment. And we can help you better manage your testing efforts. We offer nationwide service, quick turnaround and cutting-edge technology. All of which helps you simplify and improve your current drug testing process.