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The ambitious port hoping to become Libya’s ‘jewel of Africa’ and bring warring sides together

Both sides of country are 'working closely together on everything related to the ports and maritime capabilities'

The Independent , January 28, 2019, By Borzou Daragahi

More than once over the last four years, while Michael Guidry was trying to assemble and pitch his plan to build the country’s first deepwater seaport on Libya’s coast, the 64-year-old Texan found himself in peril.

There was the time a shisha cafe owner quickly ushered him out a back door amid anti-American murmurs by customers. There were the numerous checkpoints manned by suspicious teens armed with assault rifles peering into his vehicle.

But the worst day had to be when he narrowly missed being surrounded and possibly captured by Isis militants on the outskirts of the eastern Libyan city of Derna.

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